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Discover how to improve the vitality of your church. 

Obtain scientifically grounded data that provides practical insights with the Church Vitality Questionnaire.

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We built you a better tool for better insights.

The Church Vitality Questionnaire (CVQ) is a scientifically-grounded, online proprietary survey that provides churches with a comprehensive view of its strengths and areas for improvement. The data collected is designed to supply church leaders with evidence-based information to evaluate the current vitality of their congregation and inform future decision-making based on feedback from congregants.

8 Vital Factors Assessed


Mission & Vision



Sensitivity to Diversity


Service to Others


Worship Service

80 items
2 item formats
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Developed by a PhD-level survey specialist.

Requires a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.

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Desktop computer, tablet, and mobile-ready.

Open-ended response items to provide nuanced feedback.

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Voice-to-text response software. 

Sentiment-based text analysis.

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Benefits of the Church Vitality Questionnaire

Identify your congregation's strengths and areas for improvement

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Save time - begin making congregational improvements in as little as two weeks

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Nearly one month faster

than some competitors​​

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Gain actionable next steps

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10% of profits from your purchase goes to charity

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