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Get Started

Interested in partnering with us? Learn more about how to contract our services.

1. Schedule a Consultation Call

Schedule a 45-minute teleconference with us. We would love to learn more about your needs and share the details of our services to determine whether we can help you. We are available to meet Monday through Saturday from 8am - 6pm PST. Let's connect!

Woman on a teleconference with 3 people for congregation assessment tool

2. Formalize Our Partnership

If you believe that our services can provide you with value, we will establish a formal relationship with a service agreement. 

Two men shake hands to create agreement on congregation assessment tool

3. Administer Your Survey

Upon formally establishing our partnership, we will send you a unique online link to access the survey. You can send this link directly to your church members’ emails or embed it on your website/social media.

Man sharing congregation assessment survey link on social media

4. Ask Congregants to Take Survey

Your church membership will take our survey. Sufficient time should be allotted to ensure that nonresponse rates are low and a representative sample of your church population has been surveyed.

Man looking at congregation assessment results

5. Receive User-friendly Reports

Once the survey administration has been closed, we will provide you with a user-friendly online report of results that will allow you to gain insights about your church's strengths and areas for improvement. Your unique report can be shared electronically with all desired in your church.

Man looking at user-friendly reports of congregation assessment

Online Interpretation of Results

As an added service, you can schedule an individual meeting with Dr. Rios in which he will provide an online interpretation of results and recommendations for potential approaches to address areas of need in your church.

Professional points to presentation on congregation assessment tool.

Thanks for submitting!

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