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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help.

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How much does the Church Vitality Questionnaire cost?
  • Free. Yes, you read that correctly. For a limited time, we are looking to partner with 10 churches to pilot test our services at no charge. Email if you would like to gain insights on your congregation.

Do I have to come up with my own questions for the survey?
How do I obtain solutions to help my church?
  • You will be given the Church Vitality Report, which will include a detailed breakdown of: (a) your congregation's demographic and financial characteristics; (b) item-level frequency results; (c) complete open-ended responses concerning perceived strengths and areas in need for improvement for each of the eight vital factors; (d) sentiment breakdowns based on textual analysis of open-ended responses; and (e) actionable next steps for improving the vitality of your church

  • Your user-friendly report will be delivered via a personalized html link, allowing you to electronically share the findings with all stakeholders of interest. There is no more need for wasted paper.

  • For those purchasing the "insights" package, a 2-hour online data meeting will be conducted with our chief data scientist. This meeting will allow clients to gain greater insights by obtaining a personalized presentation of results, followed by a question and answer session with Dr. Rios, and a discussion of tangible next steps for improvements.

Can I obtain a copy of the questionnaire and report prior to purchase?
  • We would be happy to share with you an abbreviated version of our questionnaire and a complete sample report prior to purchase during our consultation

How long does the entire survey process take?
  • Upon agreeing to partner with us, the entire process from start to finish will take 16 days

  • We recommend that the questionnaire is administered over a 15 day period that covers three Sundays 

  • Once the questionnaire is closed, you will electronically receive your detailed report of findings the next business day

  • Our timeline is nearly one month faster than competitors allowing you to begin making positive changes sooner

Will my data be safe?
  • Soldata is dedicated to ensuring that your information is treated securely and confidentially

  • No personally identifiable information is collected, and as such, all responses are completely anonymous

  • All anonymous data are stored on a password protected server 

  • Only you decide who gets access to your Church Vitality Report, ensuring that your results are kept confidential

How can I work with Soldata?
  • Get started by scheduling your consultation today to learn more about how to improve the vitality of your church.

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